Friday, March 20, 2015

Every act of kindness is charity.


I know many of us have the same scenario in our closets, we shop and shop for new modest clothings and hijabs then we forget the old ones.

Those "old ones" that you just put at the very back of your closets can be loved again by our unfortunate sisters.

Why not we give up one of our old and unused clothing for a good cause, every time we purchase a new one? 

How would you feel about that?

For some, it might not be that easy. Personally, at first, I had a hard time to let go of my things too.

It's normal for us girls, cos WE LOVE to collect things.

But try to think about it, is it better to have those hijabs unused for years 
or have others use it almost everyday?

We CAN do this, for Allah's sake as we intend to please him by helping others.

Give it a try! When you shop, give up one of your old ones for other's benefit.

See the difference yourself, as you make each purchase. 
I'm not the one to tell you how it'll make you feel, YOU tell me.

Hope many of you will start to practice this too.

Comment your own experiences below.



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  1. I have this rule in my life:
    those clothes i haven't worn in months shall be given away.

    nice one sis. welcome to blogosphere.